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Triangle testing is one of the discriminative methods in sensory science to evaluate consumer products. However, many companies have been investing more time than necessary in manual response collection and tedious data analysis while managing their sensory program, leaving them less time to focus on conducting triangle tests.

Thus, Triangletests.com can help to speed up triangle test routine. This system will save your time on preparation, administration and analysis by providing:

• Randomly generated numbers for samples

• Browser-based forms to collect panelist responses by computer or smartphone

• Reports on each triangle test session and panelist performance over time

This system also allows you to track brand consistency over time by a calculated Similarity Score. By conducting triangle tests on consecutive batches of a brand, batch-to-batch variation can be statistically calculated. These batch-to-batch triangle test sessions conducted on a single brand can be placed in a group of many triangle test sessions over many batches, and the brand consistency can be tracked over time.

Regardless of your craft product, brand consistency goes hand in hand with brand quality. The consumer expects the highest quality product, and tracking the product’s consistency ensures that high quality. Triangletests.com provides an affordable and easy approach to accomplish tracking brand consistency.

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